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Description A software disassembler which generates
Assembly code from compiled code.
Developers Hex-Rays
Operating System Windows x86/x64
Written in C++
License Common Public License 1.0
Source Closed Source
Downloads -

IDA Pro, also referred to as simply IDA, is an advanced reverse engineering software which is objectively superior to Ghidra, at the cost of not being free unless you have a educational license from your school/university.

Unlike Ghidra, all latest versions (IDA 7.2+) of IDA are NSMBU-compatible with the help of the plugin below.

Wii U Loader Plugin[edit | edit source]

Like Ghidra, IDA does not support Wii U RPX/RPL files out of the box, so you need to install the Wii U Loader Plugin for it, links for which are provided below:

Plugin Installation[edit | edit source]

Extract the wiiu_loader.dll into the C:/Program Files/IDA 7.x/loaders folder (or wherever your IDA Pro installation folder is located).

Now you can open any RPX/RPL in IDA and choose the Wii U loader, which should be listed as "Wii U RPL [wiiu_loader.dll]".