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Description A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools.
Developers National Security Agency
Operating System Windows x86/x64, MacOS, Linux
Written in Java
License Apache-2.0
Source NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra (GitHub)
Downloads v9.1-BETA (Only official NSMBU-compatible version)

RootCubed's Fork (Custom v10+ NSMBU compatible version by RootCubed)

Ghidra is a free reverse engineering software alternative to IDA Pro.

Required Dependencies

For v9.1-BETA

*The RPX plugin is for 9.1-BETA but once you import everything you can upgrade your project to newer versions if you want, just make backups between upgrades.

For RootCubed's Fork

  • Ghidra Gekko Broadway Language Definition is built-in, no additional download required for this.
  • RPX/RPL Loader Plugin Custom Build (under "More downloads" at the bottom)