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Description A Wii U emulator.
Developers Exzap / cemu-project
Operating System Windows x64, Linux x64
Written in C / C++
License Mozilla Public License 2.0
Source cemu-project/Cemu (GitHub)
Website https://cemu.info/
Downloads https://cemu.info/#download

CEMU is a Wii U emulator that allows users to play the console's titles on a desktop PC. It was initially closed source, but became open source in late 2022.

Important Notice: This page is now updated for Cemu 2.0 and should not be referenced for Cemu 1.x versions.

Setting up CEMU[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Steps[edit | edit source]

Download[edit | edit source]

  1. Download the latest version of CEMU here.
  2. Extract the CEMU archive to a folder such as your desktop.

Setup[edit | edit source]

  1. Run the Cemu.exe file and a Getting started window should pop up.
  2. Optionally set your mlc01 path and your game path to a location of your choice (be warned this folder can grow to several GBs in size), and click Download community graphic packs.
  3. In the next window, make sure to enable Automatically check for updates to keep your CEMU always updated. Click Close.
  4. Go to Options > Input Settings and configure your input device(s) and keybinds.

Game Installation[edit | edit source]

  • MLC Method
  1. At the top bar, click File > Install game title, update or DLC, navigate to your game's dump folder, and select the ./meta/meta.xml file.
  2. If you have update or DLC folders, repeat the step above for each of them.
  • Game Paths Method - This method is required for using custom code.
  1. At the top bar, click Options > General settings, then on the Game Paths section at the bottom, click Add, then navigate to and select the folder containing your game dumps folders.
  2. Your update and DLC folders should simply be placed next to their respective game's folders in the game paths and Cemu will automatically find and apply them.

Optimization[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to Options > General settings and navigate to the Graphics tab. Inside this tab, set the Graphics API to Vulkan. If you have any issues with Vulkan or it doesn't show up, you can use to OpenGL.
  2. Check that the Graphics Device is correctly set to your primary GPU. If you get screen tearing, change the VSync option to Double buffering.
  3. If you really need extra performance, enable Async shader compile, but know this will come at a cost of visual glitches during gameplay.

Crash Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Game crashes when pressing 2 / A on the titlescreen: (Caused by: Missing Mii files)
    • Fix Method 1. This method simply uses a graphic pack as a workaround.
      1. First make sure you have the latest updated graphic packs by going to the graphic packs menu and select Download latest community graphic packs.
      2. Find New Super Mario Bros. U, and under Workarounds, select Crash Fix.
      3. WARNING: This crash fix method is NOT compatible with any form of custom code, if you are using code hacks and are affected by this crash, you MUST use the alternative method below.
    • Fix Method 2. As an alternative, more permanent method, simply download these files and place them at /mlc01/sys/title/0005001b/10056000/content/.
      • NOTE: On some versions of Cemu, the folders may have to be created manually.

Graphic Packs[edit | edit source]

  1. To enable graphic packs, right-click on New Super Mario Bros. U in the game list, and go to Edit graphic packs.
  2. If your PC is capable enough, you may want to improve the graphics of the game. If this is the case, enable Fancy FX, and optionally Resolution. You can increase the resolution to a size of your choice, but be aware that resolutions above 2560x1440 heavily decrease performance.

Shader Caches[edit | edit source]

Shader caches are legally shareable and can be downloaded in complete form for a variety of games including NSMBU at the unofficial Cemu shader caches database.

Downloading a complete shader cache will prevent shader compilation stuttering, at the cost of the game taking longer to boot in order to load the cache.