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This page documents the contents of the ./meta folder in the NSMBU filesystem.

Folders[edit | edit source]


Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Format Filesize Information
bootDrcTex.tga TPIC 1229808 bytes Gamepad boot image
bootLogoTex.tga TPIC 28604 bytes Nintendo logo image
bootMovie.h264 H264 80696 bytes Wii U logo boot animation (Not used on CEMU)
bootSound.btsnd BTSND 2636028 bytes Boot sound
bootTvTex.tga TPIC 2764848 bytes TV boot image
iconTex.tga TPIC 65584 bytes Wii U menu game icon
Manual.bfma SARC 3944084 bytes Game manual (?)
meta.xml XML 9559 bytes Game metadata