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Switch Toolbox
Description A general Wii U and Switch file formats tool
Developers KillzXGaming
Operating System Windows x86/x64
Written in C#
License GPL-3.0
Source KillzXGaming/Switch-Toolbox (GitHub)
Website GitHub README
Downloads GitHub Releases

Switch Toolbox is a tool for viewing and modifying many Wii U and Switch file formats, created by KillzXGaming.

Development and maintenance of the tool has ended in 2024, as per KillzXGaming's announcement on December 31, 2023 in the Switch Toolbox Discord server:

I have decided to now end development of the toolbox and it will now be archived.

As it stands, I don't see myself continuing to support it as I do all this for free and lack the motivation.

The tool was also built years ago so it is not very desirable to keep improving things when the codebase is fairly old.

The GitHub repository of the tool is now archived and read-only, but the tool remains downloadable and functional as it was in its latest version.