Cloudy SMBU 2

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Cloudy Super Mario Bros. U 2
Creators: Rimea
Released on: May 21st, 2022
N° of Worlds: 6
N° of Levels 43
Website: -
Downloads: Google Drive (Official)

Cloudy Super Mario Bros. U 2 is a NSMBU mod made by Rimea. For the level route, the mod forces the player to take the secret exit in World 1 (W1 -> W5), then allows the player to progress normally from there (W5 -> W6 -> W7 -> W8) with World 9 also included.

Trailers[edit | edit source]

Reveal[edit | edit source]
Second trailer[edit | edit source]
Release[edit | edit source]
Additional Videos[edit | edit source]

The playthrough of Cloudy SMBU 2 made by the creator can be found on this Youtube Playlist

The soundtrack of Cloudy SMBU 2 can also be found on this Youtube Playlist

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Prequel[edit | edit source]

This mod is a sequel of a previous mod by the same creator under the name Cloudy SMBU.