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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/layout/Game.szs file in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This file contains the animation, image and layout files for the HUDs within levels.

Files[edit | edit source]

This file contains 3 pseudo-folders on Switch Toolbox, located inside the lyt_root pseudo-folder.

Layouts[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named blyt

Filename Additional Information
AddPlayer.bflyt Add Player screen
AddPlayerDL.bflyt NSLU Add Player screen (with Nabbit)
BonusTime.bflyt NSLU Bonus time indicator
ChallengeClear.bflyt "Challenge Clear" text
ChallengeFailure.bflyt Challenge failed screen
ChallengeGameScene.bflyt Challenge in-level HUD (Timer & challenge requirement status)
ChallengeRetryWindow.bflyt Retry challenge screen
ChallengeStandByScene.bflyt Challenge information screen
CoinEditMenu.bflyt Coin Edit settings menu
CoinEditScene.bflyt Coin Edit in-level HUD (Coin/Star Coin picker & area indicator)
CoinEditTutorial.bflyt Coin Edit tutorial related layouts
CountDownStart.bflyt On-Screen Countdown to Start
CourseClear.bflyt "Course Clear" text
DarknessFrame.bflyt Darker screen corners effect (Vignette)
GameAssistScene.bflyt Super Guide in-level HUD
GameCommentBaloon.bflyt Miiverse comment speech balloon
GameCommentBaloonDL.bflyt NSLU Miiverse comment speech balloon
GameScene.bflyt Primary in-level HUDs (Timers, score, lives, coins, starcoins, etc)
KinopioBaloonText.bflyt Unknown Toad related layout (?)
ModelPlayStandByScene.bflyt (?)
ModelPlayStandBySceneDL.bflyt NSLU (?)
ModelPlayWindow.bflyt (?)
ModelPlayWindowDL.bflyt NSLU (?)
MovieFrame.bflyt Replay Movie white screen borders
OperateRemote.bflyt In-level button indicators (Can be displayed by sprite 554)
PanelMiniGame.bflyt Baby Yoshi Toad House Item Panel
PauseGame.bflyt Pause Menus
PauseGameDL.bflyt NSLU Pause Menus
PointGet.bflyt On-player Displays (1-UP/Score indicators, Yoshi 5-fruit meter, etc)
RecordList.bflyt Secret Island Records pages (Displayed by sprite 561)
RecordListDL.bflyt NSLU Secret Island Records pages (Displayed by sprite 561)
ResultMiniGame.bflyt Toad House results pop-up
ShadowClear.bflyt "Caught Nabbit" text (Successful Nabbit Chase)
ShadowDirectArrow.bflyt Nabbit Chase off-screen Nabbit location indicator
ShadowFail.bflyt "Nabbit got away" text (Failed Nabbit Chase)
ShadowStartMessage.bflyt "Catch Nabbit" text (Start of Nabbit Chase)
SpeedUp.bflyt Boost Rush "Speed Up" text
StaffCreditScene.bflyt Credits level HUD (Coin counter)
TimeLimit.bflyt Centered level timer (Unused?)
TimeUp.bflyt "Time's Up" text

Images[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named timg

Filename Additional Information

Animations[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named anim

Filename Additional Information