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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/layout/CourseImage.szs file in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This file contains the Coin Battle level preview images.

Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Codes[edit | edit source]

Original means the Coin world.

F means an Airship.

H means a secret level. (1-Blooper, 2-Ice, 5-Parabeetle, etc)

T means a Tower.

O means a Ghost House.

S means a Castle.

Filename Level Additional Information
W7-F_00 7-Airship
W5-F_00 5-Airship
W9-7_00 9-7
W9-2_00 9-2
W6-7_00 6-7
W8-2_00 8-2
W9-7_01 9-7 An unused alternate version of W9-7_00
W5-7_00 5-7
W7-2_00 7-2
W6-2_00 6-2
Original-5_00 Coin-5
W5-2_00 5-2
W4-2_00 4-2
W3-2_00 3-2
W2-2_00 2-2
W1-2_00 1-2
W5-H_00 5-Parabeetle
W4-H_00 4-Fliprus
W3-H_00 3-Beanstalk
W2-H_00 2-Ice
W1-H_00 1-Blooper
W9-9_00 9-9
W9-4_00 9-4
W8-4_00 8-4
W7-4_00 7-4
W6-4_00 6-4
Original-7_00 Coin-7
W9-4_01 9-4 An unused alternate version of W9-4_00
W5-4_00 5-4
W4-4_00 4-4
W3-4_00 3-4
Original-2_00 Coin-2
W2-4_00 2-4
W1-4_00 1-4
W7-T_00 7-Tower
W6-T_00 6-Tower
W5-T_00 5-Tower
W7-O_00 7-Ghost House
W4-T_00 4-Tower
W3-T_00 3-Tower
W5-O_00 5-Ghost House
W6-T_01 6-Tower 2
W2-T_00 2-Tower
W4-O_00 4-Ghost House
W1-T_00 1-Tower
W3-O_00 3-Ghost House
W9-6_00 9-6
W7-6_00 7-6
W9-1_00 9-1
W6-6_00 6-6
W8-1_00 8-1
W9-6_01 9-6 An unused alternate version of W9-6_00
W5-6_00 5-6
W7-1_00 7-1
W6-1_00 6-1
Original-4_00 Coin-4
W5-1_00 5-1
W2-6_00 2-6
W4-1_00 4-1
W3-1_00 3-1
W2-1_00 2-1
W1-1_00 1-1
CourseImageTest_00 Unknown Although never seen in-game, this is the placeholder image used by the coin battle course panels and can be seen when editing the CourseSelectVSWin layout in VSMenu.szs
W9-8_00 9-8
W9-3_00 9-3
W8-3_00 8-3
W7-3_00 7-3
W6-3_00 6-3
Original-6_00 Coin-6
W5-3_00 5-3
W4-3_00 4-3
W3-3_00 3-3
Original-1_00 Coin-1
W2-3_00 2-3
W1-3_00 1-3
CourseImageEmpty_00 N/A An unused image of black stripes from likely very early in development, as it doesn't even fit the right size or shape of the final course image panels.
W8-S_00 8-Final Castle
W7-S_00 7-Castle
W6-S_00 6-Castle
W5-S_00 5-Castle
W8-S_01 8-Final Castle 2
W4-S_00 4-Castle
W3-S_00 3-Castle
W2-S_00 2-Castle
W1-S_00 1-Castle
W9-5_00 9-5
W7-5_00 7-5
W6-5_00 6-5
Original-8_00 Coin-8
W5-5_00 5-5
W4-5_00 4-5
W3-5_00 3-5
Original-3_00 Coin-3
W2-5_00 2-5
W1-5_00 1-5