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Most background related files are located in the distant_view folder.


The main file is a .szs, which is a Yaz0 compressed SARC file, and it can contain the following subfiles:


The .opt determines which particle and sound effects are applied to the background.


The .bagldof determines to what extent a distant objects within the background should be blurred.


The .baglenv applies a fog effect to the background, allowing for distant objects to be colored differently from close objects within the background.


The .sharc is a shaders archive.


The .sharcfb is a shaders archive.


The .bfres may contain up to 3 relevant folders[1]:

  • A Models folder[1], which contains the model(s) for the background in BFMDL format.
  • A Textures folder[1], which contains the texture(s) for the background in BFTEX format.
  • An Animations folder[1], which may contain up to 4 other relevant folders[1] for Skeletal Animations (BFSKA), Texture SRT Animations, Texture Pattern Animations (BFTXP) and Color Animations.


The .camera determines the background's offset and scroll speed.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This refers Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folders that simply organize files by type, those are not real folders that exist inside the BFRES.