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Most background related files are located in the distant_view folder.

Filesystem[edit | edit source]

The main file is a .szs, which is a Yaz0 compressed SARC file, and it can contain the following subfiles:

OPT[edit | edit source]

The .opt determines which particle and sound effects are applied to the background.

BAGLDoF[edit | edit source]

The .bagldof determines to what extent a distant objects within the background should be blurred.

BAGLEnv[edit | edit source]

The .baglenv applies a fog effect to the background, allowing for distant objects to be colored differently from close objects within the background.

SHARC[edit | edit source]

The .sharc is a shaders archive.

SHARCFB[edit | edit source]

The .sharcfb is a shaders archive.

BFRES[edit | edit source]

The .bfres may contain up to 3 relevant folders[1]:

  • A Models folder[1], which contains the model(s) for the background in BFMDL format.
  • A Textures folder[1], which contains the texture(s) for the background in BFTEX format.
  • An Animations folder[1], which may contain up to 4 other relevant folders[1] for Skeletal Animations (BFSKA), Texture SRT Animations, Texture Pattern Animations (BFTXP) and Color Animations.

Camera[edit | edit source]

The .camera determines the background's offset and scroll speed.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This refers Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folders that simply organize files by type, those are not real folders that exist inside the BFRES.