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This page serves as an index for all tileset related pages and also features some general information.

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General information[edit | edit source]

Each Area of a level contains a main tileset and up to 3 "regular" tilesets.

Main tilesets (often referred to as Pa0) usually contain tiles with special functionality such as question and brick blocks, pipe collisions, donut lifts, animations and other less theme specific tiles.

You can change which main tileset is being used in the current Area in the Area Settings menu.

The other tilesets are used for the more regular tileset objects like ground and decorations.

Each tileset forms a 16x16 square of tiles, for a total of 256 tiles per tileset.

Every tile has a size of 60x60 pixels, giving the tileset a total tileset resolution of 960x960 pixels.

The 3 regular tilesets combined have a total space of 768 tiles. Together with the main tileset, the total amount of tiles available per Area is 1024 tiles.

In the Tilesets menu of Miyamoto is the option Use RGBA8. If this option is checked, tileset images won't be compressed. This prevents the image quality from decreasing, but increases the file size.

Unlike sprites, tiles can only be placed on the grid.