RPRH (File Format)

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RedProject Replay Header (unconfirmed meaning) is a binary file format in NSMBU responsible for holding replay data and inputs.

Specification[edit | edit source]

!!! This is highly incomplete and unfinished

File Header
Offset Size Description
0x00 4 File Magic (RPRH)
0x04 3 File Version (1.0.0 / 1.0.1) [?]
0x07 1 Unknown
0x08 1 Unknown (Padding?)
0x09 1 Unknown (Padding?)
0x0A 18 Unknown
0x1C 1 World ID (Unused)
0x1D 1 Level ID (Unused)
0x1E 1 Area ID (Unused)
0x1F 1 Entrance ID (Unused)
0x20 4 Replay Level RNG Seed (Unused?) [?]
0x24 8 Padding
0x2C ? ???