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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/course_res_pack folder in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This folder contains all of the levels that the game uses, including all special ones such as the Title Screen and the Credits.




Filename Filesize Level Identifier Level Name Additional Information
1-1.szs 12971075 bytes 1-1 Acorn Plains Way
1-2.szs 11034988 bytes 1-2 Tilted Tunnel Has Secret Exit
1-3.szs 10570555 bytes 1-3 Yoshi Hill
1-4.szs 4755407 bytes 1-4 Mushroom Heights
1-5.szs 5935345 bytes 1-5 Rise of the Piranha Plants
1-13.szs 5139207 bytes 1-Blooper Blooper's Secret Lair Secret Level
1-21.szs 7582308 bytes 1-Tower Crushing-Cogs Tower
1-23.szs 13509343 bytes 1-Castle Lemmy's Swingback Castle
1-25.szs 2910169 bytes N/A N/A World 1 Toad House
1-26.szs 2910174 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-27.szs 2910169 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-28.szs 2910169 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-29.szs 2910169 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-30.szs 2910175 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-31.szs 2910168 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-32.szs 3116468 bytes N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-33.szs 3117373 bytes N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-34.szs 3117369 bytes N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-39.szs 2569173 bytes N/A N/A Title Screen
1-41.szs 2791793 bytes N/A N/A Credits
1-46.szs 2757178 bytes N/A N/A Boost Rush Results
1-47.szs 2910173 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-48.szs 2910175 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-49.szs 2910173 bytes N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-55.szs 3093667 bytes N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush (Unused?)
1-58.szs 2569862 bytes N/A N/A Secret Island Mushroom House
2-1.szs 5361243 bytes 2-1 Stone-Eye Zone
2-2.szs 5074646 bytes 2-2 Perilous Pokey Cave
2-3.szs 5866493 bytes 2-3 Fire Snake Cavers
2-4.szs 5749624 bytes 2-4 Spike's Spouting Sands Has Secret Exit
2-5.szs 5031125 bytes 2-5 Dry Desert Mushrooms
2-6.szs 6153055 bytes 2-6 Blooming Lakitus
2-14.szs 4977600 bytes 2-Ice Piranha Plants on Ice Secret Level
2-21.szs 8119468 bytes 2-Tower Stoneslide Tower
2-23.szs 12655233 bytes 2-Castle Morton's Compactor Castle
2-32.szs 3085753 bytes N/A N/A Goomba Ambush
2-33.szs 3085723 bytes N/A N/A Goomba Ambush
2-55.szs 3125375 bytes N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-56.szs 3125355 bytes N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-57.szs 3125360 bytes N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
3-1.szs 6820680 bytes 3-1 Waterspout Beach
3-2.szs 6128576 bytes 3-2 Tropical Refresher
3-3.szs 7107532 bytes 3-3 Above the Cheep Cheep Seas
3-4.szs 6676585 bytes 3-4 Urchin Shoals
3-5.szs 6231295 bytes 3-5 Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
3-15.szs 5685406 bytes 3-Beanstalk Skyward Stalk Secret Level
3-20.szs 9320892 bytes 3-Ghost House Haunted Shipwreck Has Secret Exit
3-21.szs 11667859 bytes 3-Tower Giant Skewer Tower
3-23.szs 11708202 bytes 3-Castle Larry's Torpedo Castle
3-25.szs 3150717 bytes N/A N/A 1-Up Blast Toad House
3-32.szs 3433777 bytes N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-33.szs 3433814 bytes N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-34.szs 3433802 bytes N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-55.szs 3433809 bytes N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush (Unused?)
4-1.szs 5341265 bytes 4-1 Spinning-star Sky
4-2.szs 6117635 bytes 4-2 Cooligan Fields
4-3.szs 5817129 bytes 4-3 Prickly Goombas!
4-4.szs 5047489 bytes 4-4 Scaling the Mountainside
4-5.szs 9633141 bytes 4-5 Icicle Caverns
4-16.szs 6838417 bytes 4-Fliprus Fliprus Lake Secret Level
4-20.szs 6452037 bytes 4-Ghost House Swaying Ghost House Has Secret Exit
4-21.szs 6528275 bytes 4-Tower Freezing-Rain Tower
4-23.szs 14216771 bytes 4-Castle Wendy's Shifting Castle
4-25.szs 2863076 bytes N/A N/A Unused Toad House Type
4-32.szs 2670578 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-33.szs 2693150 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-34.szs 3794577 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-55.szs 3780554 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-56.szs 3574583 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-57.szs 3653246 bytes N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
5-1.szs 8432005 bytes 5-1 Jungle of the Giants
5-2.szs 6861306 bytes 5-2 Bridge over Poisoned Waters Has Secret Exit
5-3.szs 5424696 bytes 5-3 Bramball Woods
5-4.szs 5136968 bytes 5-4 Painted Swampland Has Secret Exit
5-5.szs 7200236 bytes 5-5 Deepsea Ruins Has Secret Exit
5-6.szs 8532557 bytes 5-6 Seesaw Bridge
5-7.szs 5825410 bytes 5-7 Wiggler Stampede
5-17.szs 4959994 bytes 5-Parabeetle Flight of the Para-Beetles Secret Level
5-20.szs 7232906 bytes 5-Ghost House Which-Way Labyrinth
5-21.szs 8561105 bytes 5-Tower Snake Block Tower
5-23.szs 12669474 bytes 5-Castle Iggy's Volcanic Castle
5-32.szs 2927325 bytes N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-33.szs 2899151 bytes N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-34.szs 3659048 bytes N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-37.szs 9182801 bytes 5-Airship The Mighty Cannonship
5-55.szs 3659056 bytes N/A N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
5-56.szs 3182902 bytes N/A N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
6-1.szs 5780348 bytes 6-1 Fuzzy Clifftop
6-2.szs 7542998 bytes 6-2 Porcupuffer Falls
6-3.szs 6006285 bytes 6-3 Waddlewing's Nest
6-4.szs 9094976 bytes 6-4 Light Blocks, Dark Tower
6-5.szs 8287874 bytes 6-5 Walking Piranha Plants! Has Secret Exit
6-6.szs 9522668 bytes 6-6 Thrilling Spine Coaster
6-7.szs 8827212 bytes 6-7 Shifting-Floor Cave
6-21.szs 10322635 bytes 6-Tower Grinding-Stone Tower Has Secret Exit
6-22.szs 9776035 bytes 6-Tower 2 Screwtop Tower
6-23.szs 15358905 bytes 6-Castle Roy's Conveyor Castle Has Backdoor Entrance
7-1.szs 5791937 bytes 7-1 Land of Flying Blocks
7-2.szs 5629125 bytes 7-2 Seesaw Shrooms
7-3.szs 4537761 bytes 7-3 Switchback Hill
7-4.szs 5264021 bytes 7-4 Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs
7-5.szs 5119697 bytes 7-5 A Quick Dip in the Sky
7-6.szs 4807602 bytes 7-6 Snaking above Mist Valley
7-20.szs 7218143 bytes 7-Ghost House Spinning Spirit House Has Secret Exit
7-21.szs 10641299 bytes 7-Tower Slide Lift Tower
7-23.szs 11130471 bytes 7-Castle Ludwig's Clockwork Castle
7-32.szs 2939658 bytes N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-33.szs 3699762 bytes N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-34.szs 3031701 bytes N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-37.szs 8282301 bytes 7-Airship Boarding the Airship
7-55.szs 3032101 bytes N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush (Unused?)
8-1.szs 5518520 bytes 8-1 Meteor Moat Has Secret Exit
8-2.szs 5474177 bytes 8-2 Magma-River Cruise
8-3.szs 5080841 bytes 8-3 Rising Tides of Lava
8-4.szs 5159435 bytes 8-4 Firefall Cliffs Secret Level
8-42.szs 6559179 bytes 8-Final Castle Red-Hot Elevator Ride
8-43.szs 19742625 bytes 8-Final Castle 2 The Final Battle
9-1.szs 3671777 bytes 9-1 Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster
9-2.szs 3923198 bytes 9-2 Run for It
9-3.szs 5906521 bytes 9-3 Swim for Your Life!
9-4.szs 9011761 bytes 9-4 Hammerswing Caverns
9-5.szs 6135243 bytes 9-5 Spinning Platforms of Doom
9-6.szs 12570672 bytes 9-6 Fire Bar Cliffs
9-7.szs 4673290 bytes 9-7 Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu!
9-8.szs 5504992 bytes 9-8 Pendulum Castle
9-9.szs 4144542 bytes 9-9 Follow That Shell! Unlocked after getting every Star Coin
11-1.szs 5884914 bytes Coin-1 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-2.szs 8944336 bytes Coin-2 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-3.szs 5482211 bytes Coin-3 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-4.szs 4787212 bytes Coin-4 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-5.szs 7022767 bytes Coin-5 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-6.szs 6136110 bytes Coin-6 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-7.szs 5244646 bytes Coin-7 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-8.szs 6845985 bytes Coin-8 N/A Coin Battle Level
12-1.szs 3452650 bytes N/A The Boo Ballet Time Attack Challenge
12-2.szs 5519234 bytes N/A Full Speed Ahead Time Attack Challenge
12-3.szs 3800975 bytes N/A Mini Mountaineer Time Attack Challenge
12-4.szs 3828440 bytes N/A Time Attack Trial Time Attack Challenge
13-1.szs 4828823 bytes N/A Triple Jump for Coins Coin Collection Challenge
13-2.szs 166875 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 1)
13-3.szs 6444139 bytes N/A 200 Clifftop Coins Coin Collection Challenge
13-4.szs 5102753 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 2)
13-5.szs 3267004 bytes N/A Lakitu's Cloud Heist Coin Collection Challenge
13-6.szs 3267004 bytes N/A The Haunted Propeller Time Attack Challenge
13-7.szs 4131617 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 3)
13-8.szs 3290887 bytes N/A Hot-Air Yoshi Ride Coin Collection Challenge
14-1.szs 3492386 bytes N/A Stone-Eye Koopas 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-2.szs 5125754 bytes N/A Star Connection 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-4.szs 2880146 bytes N/A Paratroopa Panic 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-5.szs 4072000 bytes N/A The Goombrat Stomp 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-6.szs 3530555 bytes N/A Penguin Bowling 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-7.szs 3538167 bytes N/A Goomba Bounce Bash 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-8.szs 3436083 bytes N/A Three Dry Bones 1-Up Rally Challenge
15-1.szs 4675994 bytes N/A Mole to Goal Returns Special Challenge
15-2.szs 4969046 bytes N/A Seriously! Fire, Bro! Special Challenge
15-3.szs 3454728 bytes N/A Spin Jump, Get Dizzy Special Challenge
15-4.szs 3204685 bytes N/A Balancing Act Special Challenge
15-5.szs 2588518 bytes N/A Wobble and Rock Special Challenge
15-6.szs 4014671 bytes N/A Attack of the Bob-Ombs Coin Collection Challenge
15-7.szs 3276557 bytes N/A Bubble Up Special Challenge
16-1.szs 3296317 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 4)
16-2.szs 3699038 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 5)
16-3.szs 2678896 bytes N/A Fuzzy Alert! Boost Mode Challenge
16-4.szs 3694424 bytes N/A Thwomp Castle Cash Flow Boost Mode Challenge
16-5.szs 2769499 bytes N/A Cloudy with a Chance of Fire Boost Mode Challenge
16-6.szs 3306306 bytes N/A Icicle Falls Boost Mode Challenge
16-7.szs 3901321 bytes N/A When Waddlewings Attack Boost Mode Challenge
16-8.szs 3400333 bytes N/A Ultimate Boost Blast Boost Mode Challenge
17-1.szs 3698139 bytes N/A Three-Legged Lava Race Boost Mode Challenge
17-2.szs 4697619 bytes N/A Fuzzy Cliff Climb Boost Mode Challenge
17-3.szs 3441833 bytes N/A The Perpetual Shell Boost Mode Challenge
17-4.szs 2723554 bytes N/A The Trial of Bullet Bill Hill Special Challenge
17-5.szs 4184256 bytes N/A Big Goomba Bounce Bash 1-Up Rally Challenge
17-6.szs 5505661 bytes N/A Marathon Glide Special Challenge
18-1.szs 3636411 bytes N/A N/A (Unused Level 6)
18-2.szs 2859709 bytes N/A Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce 1-Up Rally Challenge
18-3.szs 3787517 bytes N/A Nonstop Flight Special Challenge
18-4.szs 3903459 bytes N/A Graceful Glide Special Challenge
18-5.szs 3538054 bytes N/A Fire, Bro! Special Challenge
18-6.szs 5216827 bytes N/A Mole to Goal Special Challenge
18-7.szs 2600422 bytes N/A Coins in the Forecast Boost Mode Challenge
18-8.szs 3514163 bytes N/A Piranha Plant Hideaway Boost Mode Challenge

Level Names

XX-21 Tower

XX-22 Tower 2

XX-23 Castle

XX-24 Castle 2 ?

XX-20 Ghost House


  • World 6, Rock Candy Mines, is the only world with 2 Towers, and the second one having an original boss, Boss Sumo Bro.
  • World 5, Soda Jungle, is the world with the most amount of levels, which is 10.