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This page documents the contents of the ./content/RDashRes/course res pack folder in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This folder contains all of the NSLU levels.

Folders[edit | edit source]


Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Filesize Level Name Additional Information
1-1.szs 4810331 bytes Waddlewing Warning!
1-2.szs 8993368 bytes Crooked Cavern
1-3.szs 7169605 bytes Rolling Yoshi Hills
1-4.szs 4312821 bytes Piranha Heights
1-5.szs 9142822 bytes Piranha Gardens
1-13.szs 5558967 bytes Cheep Chomp Chase
1-21.szs 6979993 bytes Flame-Gear Tower
1-23.szs 12.50885 bytes Lemmy's Lights-OutCastle
1-25.szs 2910169 bytes N/A World 1 Toad House
1-26.szs 2910174 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-27.szs 2910169 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-28.szs 2910169 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-29.szs 2910169 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-30.szs 2910175 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-31.szs 2910168 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-32.szs 3116468 bytes N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-33.szs 3117373 bytes N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-34.szs 3117369 bytes N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-39.szs 2569173 bytes N/A Title Screen
1-41.szs 2791793 bytes N/A Credits
1-46.szs 2757178 bytes N/A Boost Rush Results
1-47.szs 2910173 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-48.szs 2910175 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-49.szs 2910173 bytes N/A World ? Toad House
1-55.szs 3093667 bytes N/A Piranha Plant Ambush (Unused?)
1-58.szs 2569862 bytes N/A Secret Island Mushroom House
2-1.szs 4906164 bytes Spike’s Tumbling Desert
2-2.szs 6514723 bytes Underground Grrrols
2-3.szs 7904926 bytes Piranhas in the Dark
2-4.szs 9006122 bytes The Walls Have Eyes
2-5.szs 4434927 bytes Stone Spike Conveyors
2-6.szs 6747514 bytes Spinning Sandstones
2-14.szs 4466196 bytes Slippery Rope
2-21.szs 6288337 bytes Wind-Up Tower
2-23.szs 10865505 bytes Morton’s Lava Block Castle
2-32.szs 3085753 bytes N/A Goomba Ambush
2-33.szs 3085723 bytes N/A Goomba Ambush
2-55.szs 3125375 bytes N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-56.szs 3125355 bytes N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-57.szs 3125360 bytes N/A Fire Bro Ambush
3-1.szs 6406404 bytes Huckit Beach Resort
3-2.szs 6381296 bytes Urchin Reef Romp
3-3.szs 4758170 bytes Watersprout Sprint
3-4.szs 5913133 bytes The Great Geysers
3-5.szs 7115299 bytes Dragoneel Depths
3-15.szs 5801891 bytes Beanstalk Jungle
3-20.szs 8788485 bytes Haunted Cargo Hold
3-21.szs 9649407 bytes Shish-Kebab Tower
3-23.szs 11656066 bytes Larry’s Trigger-Happy Castle
3-25.szs 3150717 bytes N/A 1-Up Blast Toad House
3-32.szs 3433777 bytes N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-33.szs 3433814 bytes N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-34.szs 3433802 bytes N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-55.szs 3433809 bytes N/A Porcupuffer Ambush (Unused?)
4-1.szs 4980623 bytes Broozers and Barrels
4-2.szs 4798935 bytes Cooligan Shrooms
4-3.szs 5139301 bytes Fire and Ice
4-4.szs 4639616 bytes Weighty Waddlewings
4-5.szs 11752898 bytes Ice Slide Expressway
4-16.szs 5818061 bytes Fliprus Floes
4-20.szs 5498180 bytes Peek-a-Boo Ghost House
4-21.szs 7159075 bytes Icicle Tower
4-23.szs 13157295 bytes Wendy’s Thwomp Castle
4-25.szs 2863076 bytes N/A Unused Toad House Type
4-32.szs 2670578 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-33.szs 2693150 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-34.szs 3794577 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-55.szs 3780554 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-56.szs 3574583 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-57.szs 3653246 bytes N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
5-1.szs 6023192 bytes Giant Swing-Along
5-2.szs 6383984 bytes Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp
5-3.szs 4833840 bytes Heart of Bramball Woods
5-4.szs 5025762 bytes Painted Pipeworks
5-5.szs 6608906 bytes Deepsea Stone Eyes
5-6.szs 9271284 bytes Sumo Bro Bridge
5-7.szs 9058081 bytes Wiggler Floodlands
5-17.szs 3964582 bytes Para-Beetle Parade
5-20.szs 5661553 bytes Boo’s Favorite Haunt
5-21.szs 8946864 bytes Stone-Snake Tower
5-23.szs 11909015 bytes Iggy’s Swinging-Chains Castle
5-32.szs 2927325 bytes N/A Boo Ambush
5-33.szs 2899151 bytes N/A Boo Ambush
5-34.szs 3659048 bytes N/A Boo Ambush
5-37.szs 9089721 bytes All Aboard!
5-55.szs 3659056 bytes N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
5-56.szs 3182902 bytes N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
6-1.szs 5940950 bytes Mount Fuzzy
6-2.szs 8914502 bytes Porcupuffer Cavern
6-3.szs 4905275 bytes Spike’s Seesaws
6-4.szs 8143100 bytes Light-Up-Lift Tower
6-5.szs 6527499 bytes Rising Piranhas
6-6.szs 5750103 bytes Spine Coaster Stowaways
6-7.szs 9938798 bytes Switch-Lift Express
6-21.szs 10179945 bytes Smashing-Stone Tower
6-22.szs 6296463 bytes Sumo Bro’s Spinning Tower
6-23.szs 14173082 bytes Roy’s Ironclad Castle
7-1.szs 4076360 bytes Frozen Fuzzies
7-2.szs 4389546 bytes Wiggler Rodeo
7-3.szs 5707307 bytes Rainbow Skywalk
7-4.szs 4606304 bytes Above the Bouncy Clouds
7-5.szs 4240494 bytes Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel
7-6.szs 4576034 bytes Three-Headed Snake Block
7-20.szs 6456789 bytes Vanishing Ghost House
7-21.szs 9486839 bytes Stonecrush Tower
7-23.szs 9640426 bytes Ludwig’s Block-Press Castle
7-32.szs 2939658 bytes N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-33.szs 3699762 bytes N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-34.szs 3031701 bytes N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-37.szs 7578290 bytes Bowser Jr. Showdown
7-55.szs 3032101 bytes N/A Fuzzy Ambush (Unused?)
8-1.szs 7058697 bytes Magma Moat
8-2.szs 6073950 bytes Magmaw River Cruise
8-3.szs 5744345 bytes Hot Cogs
8-4.szs 5761905 bytes Firefall Rising
8-42.szs 5935497 bytes Current Event
8-43.szs 18764142 bytes The Final Battle
9-1.szs 3574580 bytes Spine Coaster Connections
9-2.szs 5494108 bytes P Switch Peril
9-3.szs 7650491 bytes Star Coin Deep Dive
9-4.szs 8332949 bytes Hammerswing Hangout
9-5.szs 4463849 bytes Under Construction
9-6.szs 5229788 bytes Fire Bar Sprint
9-7.szs 3721397 bytes Cloudy Capers
9-8.szs 6319642 bytes Impossible Pendulums
9-9.szs 5587033 bytes Flying Squirrel Ovation