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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/mp4/USEU folder in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem.

This folder is exclusive to the NSMBU+NSLU bundle, it does not exist on the standalone NSMBU game, regardless of version (1.0/1.3) or the NSLU DLC!

This folder holds all the .mp4 video files for the Bonus Videos included with the NSMBU+NSLU bundle, they are documented below.

Folders[edit | edit source]


Files[edit | edit source]

Thumbnail Filename Video Title Video Length Video Category Level(s) Showcased
001.mp4 Yoshi spits hot fire for a 1-Up 00:20 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
004.mp4 Bros dribbling to the goal 01:11 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1)
007.mp4 Old-school 1-Up rally 01:44 7-3.szs (Meringue Clouds-3 (and more))
009.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:25 ?-?.szs (Time Attack Trial)
010.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:47 ?-?.szs (Acorn Plains Speed Run)
011.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:31 ?-?.szs (Full Speed Ahead)
013.mp4 Big Koopas on ice for endless 1-Ups 00:42 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1)
014.mp4 Ice Mario puts on a show 01:00 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1)
019.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:50 ?-?.szs (Stone-Eye Desert Dash)
022.mp4 Bullet Bills, wall jumps, and 1-Ups 01:01 7-3.szs (Meringue Clouds-3)
023.mp4 Luigi catches a lift 01:09 1-1.szs (Acorn Plains-1)
025.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:21 ?-?.szs (The Boo Ballet)
027.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:21 ?-?.szs (The Boo-Ballet Encore)
030.mp4 A barrage of Yoshi fire 00:47 4-3.szs (Frosted Glacier-3)
033.mp4 A midair stroll with Balloon Baby Yoshi 01:01 1-4.szs (Acorn Plains-4)
034.mp4 Fight fire with fire 01:19 8-43.szs (Peach's Castle-Final Castle)
035.mp4 Synchro ground-pound Pokeys for 1-Ups 02:28 2-2.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-2)
036.mp4 Flying Squirrel squad 00:27 6-5.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-5)
037.mp4 Nonstop synchronized Mario 00:55 3-4.szs (Sparkling Waters-4)
043.mp4 Shells, vines, and 1-Ups 00:54 7-4.szs (Meringue Clouds-4)
044.mp4 Gold Medal Run 02:12 ?-?.szs (Cashless Castle Crawl)
047.mp4 Traveling the Paratroopa way 00:58 7-6.szs (Meringue Clouds-6)
051.mp4 Fire dancers on ice 00:24 4-3.szs (Frosted Glacier-3)
052.mp4 Bubbles all the way 00:53 1-1.szs (Acorn Plains-1)
060.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:07 ?-?.szs (Icicle Skating)
061.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:58 ?-?.szs (Express Elevator)
062.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:29 ?-?.szs (Triple-Jump for Coins)
063.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:16 ?-?.szs (Hot Hidden-Coin Hunt)
064.mp4 Ride on ice all the way to the goal 00:49 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
068.mp4 Shell-bound 1-Up streak 01:30 9-9.szs (Superstar Road-9)
069.mp4 Gold Medal Run 02:12 ?-?.szs (Castle Crawl)
070.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:25 ?-?.szs (The Haunted Propeller)
071.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:49 ?-?.szs (Fliprus Crossing)
072.mp4 Gold Medal Run 02:01 ?-?.szs (Spine Coaster Coin Cruise)
073.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:52 ?-?.szs (Rickety Sprint)
079.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:18 ?-?.szs (The Goombrat Stomp)
080.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:21 ?-?.szs (Stone-Eye Koopas)
081.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:39 ?-?.szs (Stingy Big Piranha Plants)
082.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:49 ?-?.szs (No-Cash Dash)
083.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:51 ?-?.szs (Elevator Out of Service)
084.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:40 ?-?.szs (Attack of the Bob-ombs)
085.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:44 ?-?.szs (Seriously! Fire, Bro!)
086.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:57 ?-?.szs (Poison-Swamp Scramble)
087.mp4 Gold Medal Run 02:06 ?-?.szs (Castle Coin Bypass)
088.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:58 ?-?.szs (Swing into Action)
090.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:28 ?-?.szs (Lakitu's Cloud Heist)
091.mp4 Frozen Fuzzy fun 00:53 6-1.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-1)
092.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:21 ?-?.szs (Goomba Bounce Bash)
093.mp4 Taking time for 1-Ups 01:20 ?-?.szs (Paratroopa Panic)
094.mp4 Record-setting run 00:51 ?-?.szs (Don't. Touch. Anything.)
095.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:24 ?-?.szs (Don't. Touch. Anything.)
096.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:45 ?-?.szs (Wobble and Rock)
097.mp4 Rush that tower 00:55 ?-?.szs (Stoneslide Tower Climb)
098.mp4 A new path to the top 00:46 ?-?.szs (Screwtop It Up)
099.mp4 Ground pound to the rescue 00:32 ?-?.szs (Airship 1-Up Rally)
100.mp4 Fireproof 00:43 ?-?.szs (Seriously! Fire, Bro!)
106.mp4 Wonderful 1-Up streak 00:34 ?-?.szs (Big Goomba Bounce Bash)
107.mp4 Super speed run 00:55 ?-?.szs (Swing into Action)
108.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:37 ?-?.szs (Penguin Bowling)
109.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:02 ?-?.szs (Stoneslide Tower Climb)
110.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:55 ?-?.szs (Screwtop It Up)
111.mp4 Walls, Dry Bones, and endless 1-Ups 00:41 1-21.szs (Acorn Plains-Tower)
115.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:38 ?-?.szs (Mole to Goal Returns)
116.mp4 Follow that fireball 00:51 4-3.szs (Frosted Glacier-3)
118.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:28 ?-?.szs (Hot-Air Yoshi Ride)
119.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:27 ?-?.szs (Spin-Jump, Get Dizzy)
121.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:28 ?-?.szs (The Trial of Bullet Bill Hill)
122.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:24 ?-?.szs (No Climbing Allowed)
124.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:21 ?-?.szs (Three Dry Bones)
125.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:29 ?-?.szs (Ghost House Coin Curse)
127.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:21 ?-?.szs (Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce)
129.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:44 ?-?.szs (Fire, Bro!)
130.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:40 ?-?.szs (Larry's Groundless Battle)
131.mp4 Follow the fireball to earn 1-Ups 01:08 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
132.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:01 ?-?.szs (Star Connection)
134.mp4 Do the Cheep Cheep Hop for 1-Ups 00:28 3-3.szs (Sparkling Waters-3)
135.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:36 ?-?.szs (Big Goomba Bounce Bash)
136.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:46 ?-?.szs (Graceful Glide)
137.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:35 ?-?.szs (Airship 1-Up Rally)
138.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:14 ?-?.szs (Bowser's Airship Sneak)
139.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:54 ?-?.szs (Balancing Act)
140.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:56 ?-?.szs (Mole to Goal)
142.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:14 ?-?.szs (Big Air at Sundown)
146.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:31 ?-?.szs (Be Gentle to Giants)
148.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:41 ?-?.szs (Marathon Glide)
149.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:26 ?-?.szs (Paratroopa Panic)
151.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:39 ?-?.szs (Nonstop Flight)
153.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:21 ?-?.szs (Bubble Up)
157.mp4 Bounce Baby Yoshi for 1-Ups 00:52 5-2.szs (Soda Jungle-2)
159.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:08 ?-?.szs (Perilous Coin Dodge)
162.mp4 Lead Bullet Bills to the goal for 1-Ups 02:00 7-3.szs (Meringue Clouds-3)
163.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:16 ?-?.szs (Prickly Goomba's Coinless Run)
164.mp4 Follow the Shell for an easy 1-Up 00:20 1-1.szs (Acorn Plains-1)
165.mp4 Super Star 1-Up rush 00:37 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
166.mp4 Do the 1-Up slide 00:11 1-2.szs (Acorn Plains-2)
167.mp4 1-Up Star power 00:44 1-5.szs (Acorn Plains-5)
168.mp4 Freeze Dry Bones for 1-Ups 00:19 1-21.szs (Acorn Plains-Tower)
169.mp4 1-Up Shell toss 00:11 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
170.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:46 ?-?.szs (Slick Slopes and Bullet Bills)
171.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:02 ?-?.szs (200 Clifftop Coins)
172.mp4 Clean up Mini Goombas for 1-Ups 01:44 8-2.szs (Peach's Castle-2)
174.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:37 ?-?.szs (Penguin vs. Torpedo)
178.mp4 Gold Medal Run 02:00 ?-?.szs (Dark Dark Coaster)
179.mp4 1-Up Koopa roundup 00:24 2-1.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-1)
180.mp4 Dazzle the Cheep Cheeps for 1-Ups 01:24 3-3.szs (Sparkling Waters-3)
181.mp4 Get a Star and dash for 1-Ups 00:25 2-2.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-2)
182.mp4 Shell + Urchins = 1-Up 00:13 3-4.szs (Sparkling Waters-4)
183.mp4 Carry the Shell for 1-Ups 00:33 2-6.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-6)
184.mp4 Underwater Super Stars and 1-Ups 00:46 3-5.szs (Sparkling Waters-5)
185.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:59 ?-?.szs (Huckit Hustle)
186.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:24 ?-?.szs (Mini Mountaineer)
187.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:54 ?-?.szs (Lurchin' Urchins)
188.mp4 Stomp Bullet Bills for endless 1-Ups 00:27 7-3.szs (Meringue Clouds-3)
189.mp4 Bony Beetle 1-Up dash 00:41 9-8.szs (Superstar Road-8)
190.mp4 Swinging hammer + Shell = 1-Up 00:21 9-4.szs (Superstar Road-4)
191.mp4 Fuzzy 1-Up rally 00:27 9-1.szs (Superstar Road-1)
192.mp4 1-Ups in Firefall Cliffs 00:28 8-4.szs (Peach's Castle-4)
193.mp4 Gold Medal Run 00:34 ?-?.szs (Waddlewing Wipeout)
194.mp4 Gold Medal Run 01:54 ?-?.szs (Cloudtop Coin Evasion)
197.mp4 A string of Stars and 1-Ups 01:49 6-4.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-4)
199.mp4 1-Up Star dash at sunset 00:31 7-4.szs (Meringue Clouds-4)
200.mp4 Super Star swimming for 1-Ups 00:18 5-5.szs (Soda Jungle-5)
201.mp4 Defeat the Piranhas for 1-Ups 00:20 5-6.szs (Soda Jungle-6)
202.mp4 Shoot for the Star for 1-Ups 00:18 6-5.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-5)
203.mp4 Spike Top toppling for 3-Up 00:23 6-7.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-7)
204.mp4 Super Star Cannon jump for 1-Ups 00:17 7-5.szs (Meringue Clouds-5)
205.mp4 Breathin' fire and earnin' 1-Ups 00:21 4-3.szs (Frosted Glacier-3)
206.mp4 Hit the POW Block for multiple 1-Ups 00:24 4-21.szs (Frosted Glacier-Tower)
207.mp4 1-Up Super Star in Cooligan Fields 00:16 4-2.szs (Frosted Glacier-2)
208.mp4 Freeze the Cooligan for a 1-Up 00:51 4-2.szs (Frosted Glacier-2)
209.mp4 One Roulette Block, multiple 1-Ups 01:01 5-6.szs (Soda Jungle-6)
210.mp4 Freeze the Dry Bones for 1-Ups 00:27 5-23.szs (Soda Jungle-Castle)
211.mp4 Mini Mario's floaty 1-Up streak 01:11 2-4.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-4)
214.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:21 8-3.szs (Peach's Castle-3)
215.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:25 7-2.szs (Meringue Clouds-2)
216.mp4 First Star Coin 00:23 7-1.szs (Meringue Clouds-1)
217.mp4 Get the Star and dash for 1-Ups 00:19 6-7.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-7)
218.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:29 1-2.szs (Acorn Plains-2)
219.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:13 3-23.szs (Sparkling Waters-Castle)
220.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:24 3-3.szs (Sparkling Waters-3)
221.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:30 3-2.szs (Sparkling Waters-2)
222.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:52 3-2.szs (Sparkling Waters-2)
223.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:20 1-2.szs (Acorn Plains-2)
227.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:22 1-21.szs (Acorn Plains-Tower)
229.mp4 First Star Coin 00:25 5-6.szs (Soda Jungle-6)
230.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:21 5-20.szs (Soda Jungle-Ghost House)
231.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:23 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1)
234.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:25 9-9.szs (Superstar Road-9)
235.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:10 8-1.szs (Peach's Castle-1)
236.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:20 6-7.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-7)
237.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:33 6-6.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-6)
238.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:28 6-5.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-5)
239.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:29 6-2.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-2)
240.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:36 9-8.szs (Superstar Road-8)
241.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:53 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
242.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:11 8-3.szs (Peach's Castle-3)
243.mp4 First Star Coin 00:20 5-5.szs (Soda Jungle-5)
244.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:15 5-3.szs (Soda Jungle-3)
245.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:29 9-7.szs (Superstar Road-7)
246.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:32 7-21.szs (Meringue Clouds-Tower)
247.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:18 4-21.szs (Frosted Glacier-Tower)
248.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:50 4-23.szs (Frosted Glacier-Castle)
249.mp4 First Star Coin 00:19 4-5.szs (Frosted Glacier-5)
250.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:41 7-4.szs (Meringue Clouds-4)
253.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:26 2-2.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-2)
254.mp4 Third Star Coin 01:00 2-21.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-Tower)
255.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:30 2-4.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-4)
256.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:23 2-6.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-6)
257.mp4 Third Star Coin 00:11 4-4.szs (Frosted Glacier-4)
258.mp4 Second Star Coin 00:29 2-23.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-Castle)
259.mp4 Glide to the goal 01:11 1-1.szs (Acorn Plains-1)
267.mp4 Flying Squirrel 1-Up chain 03:16 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1 (and more))
269.mp4 Close quarters 1-Up streak 00:27 6-5.szs (Rock-Candy Mines-5)
274.mp4 Fireball frenzy 00:59 2-2.szs (Layer-Cake Desert-2)
288.mp4 Cloud-walking with Balloon Baby Yoshi 01:53 5-17.szs (Soda Jungle-Parabeetle)
289.mp4 Yoshi carries Luigi 01:29 1-3.szs (Acorn Plains-3)
292.mp4 Off-the-wall Paratroopa 1-Ups 00:37 7-5.szs (Meringue Clouds-5)
293.mp4 Penguin sliding for 1-Ups 02:04 5-1.szs (Soda Jungle-1)
299.mp4 Bro-op 1-Up rally 00:44 5-6.szs (Soda Jungle-6)
310.mp4 Working with Yoshi for endless 1-Ups 00:33 7-2.szs (Meringue Clouds-2)
312.mp4 Hopping flights with Luigi 01:02 7-6.szs (Meringue Clouds-6)
501.mp4 Waddlewing Super Play collection 01:49 NSLU ?-?.szs (???)
504.mp4 The art of Nabbit 02:57 NSLU ?-?.szs (???)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are a total of 222 videos on NSMBU+NSLU.
  • On NSMBUDX, the total of videos is lowered to 200 (Creating a difference of -22)
    • NSMBUDX removes 39 of the original NSMBU+NSLU videos, mostly due to them showcasing Boost Mode, which no longer exists on NSMBUDX.
      • The removed videos are the following:
        031, 032, 038, 050, 053, 054, 055, 056, 057, 058, 059, 074, 075, 076, 077, 078, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 152, 175, 176, 177, 261, 272, 277, 291, 295, 297, 303, 311, 313, 314, 315, 502, 503, 505
    • NSMBUDX then adds 17 brand new videos to make up for the removed ones.
      • Those videos were given the following file IDs:
        263, 268, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615
    • NSMBUDX also appends a special _e tag to the IDs of 76 videos from NSMBU+NSLU
      • The meaning of the tag is unknown, edited is a possibility but is not checked. The videos with this tag on NSMBUDX are the following:
        107, 097, 098, 094, 106, 099, 093, 100, 606, 009, 010, 011, 019, 025, 027, 060, 185, 186, 187, 174, 170, 070, 071, 073, 082, 086, 088, 109, 110, 062, 063, 081, 090, 118, 125, 159, 193, 163, 171, 178, 194, 084, 072, 087, 095, 079, 080, 092, 108, 124, 127, 132, 135, 137, 149, 129, 136, 140, 148, 153, 151, 146, 142, 139, 138, 130, 122, 121, 119, 115, 096, 085, 083, 069, 061, 044
    • Unlike NSMBU+NSLU, the videos for NSMBUDX are not stored on the game's files, but instead streamed to the console from an external Nintendo website.
      • The numbers shown on the titles of the videos on that website do not match the video's file IDs, this can be seen through the page's HTML source.