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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/layout/Title.szs file in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This file contains the animation, image and layout files for the title screen and main menu.

Files[edit | edit source]

This file contains 3 pseudo-folders on Switch Toolbox, located inside the lyt_root pseudo-folder.

Layouts[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named blyt

Filename Additional Information
TeamSelect.bflyt Coin Battle Team Select screen buttons and text
PlayerNumSelect.bflyt Number of Wiimote players selection screen
PlayStyleSelect.bflyt Wiimotes or Gamepad gameplay selection screen
CharacterSelectBtn.bflyt Character chooser
CharacterSelectBtnDRC.bflyt Gamepad Character chooser
CharacterSelectPos.bflyt Player character selection screen
SaveDataSelectWin.bflyt Copy/Delete Save Slot screens
CharacterSelectPosDL.bflyt NSLU Player character selection screen
SaveDataSelectWinDL.bflyt NSLU Copy/Delete Save Slot screens
MiiSelectBtn.bflyt Mii character chooser
SaveDataSelect.bflyt Main Menu (Gamemode / Save Slot selection screen)
SaveDataSelectDL.bflyt NSLU Main Menu (Save Slot selection screen)
SelectBG.bflyt Main Menu background
CharacterSelectConfirm.bflyt (?)
BootScene.bflyt 1.0 Boot screen (Blue Baby Yoshi loading screen)
TitleMarioPlusLuigi.bflyt NSMBU+NSLU Titlescreen
BootSceneDL.bflyt 1.3 Update[1] Boot screen (Edit this instead of BootScene.bflyt)
Title.bflyt NSMBU Titlescreen

Images[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named timg

Filename Additional Information

Animations[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named anim

Filename Additional Information
  1. This update adds the NSLU files into the game, making the filesystem nearly identical to the one from the NSMBU+NSLU pack.