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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/layout/Common.szs file in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This file contains the animation, image and layout files for a lot of the game's menus and loading screens.

Files[edit | edit source]

This file contains 3 pseudo-folders on Switch Toolbox, located inside the lyt_root pseudo-folder.

Layouts[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named blyt

Filename Additional Information
AttentionScreen.bflyt "Look at the Gamepad"/"Look at the TV" screen overlay
BaloonGuide.bflyt White speech balloon
ChangePlayStyleRemoteConnect.bflyt Change Controller -> Connect Controller window
ChangePlayStyleRemoteConnectDL.bflyt NSLU Change Controller -> Connect Controller window
ChangePlayStyleWindow.bflyt Change Controller window
ChangePlayStyleWindowDL.bflyt NSLU Change Controller window
CmnWindow.bflyt Generic pop-up windows
CmnWindowDL.bflyt NSLU Generic green pop-up window
DRCmodeWindow.bflyt Gamepad mode screen (?)
ErrorWindow.bflyt Generic black pop-up window (?)
Fade.bflyt Fade layout (?)
GameOver.bflyt Game Over screen + Continues screen
PaAddPlayerBtn.bflyt "Add Player" menu character chooser
PaArrowBtnL.bflyt Yellow left arrow icon/button
PaArrowBtnR.bflyt Yellow right arrow icon/button
PaBattery.bflyt Controller battery level indicator
PaBtnGuideL.bflyt Unknown button (?)
PaBtnGuideR.bflyt Unknown button (?)
PaCategory1UPBtn.bflyt Challenges 1-Up Rally category button
PaCategoryAssistBtn.bflyt Challenges Boost Mode category button
PaCategoryCoinBtn.bflyt Challenges Coin Collection category button
PaCategorySpecialBtn.bflyt Challenges Special category button
PaCategoryTimeBtn.bflyt Challenges Time Attack category button
PaChallengeArrowBtnL.bflyt Challenge select category to the left arrow
PaChallengeArrowBtnR.bflyt Challenge select category to the right arrow
PaChallengeBtn1UP.bflyt Challenge mode 1-Up Rally menu button
PaChallengeBtnAssist.bflyt Challenge mode Boost Mode Rally menu button
PaChallengeBtnCoin.bflyt Challenge mode Coin Collection menu button
PaChallengeBtnSpecial.bflyt Challenge mode Special menu button
PaChallengeBtnTime.bflyt Challenge mode Time Attack menu button
PaChallengeClear.bflyt "Challenge Clear!" text overlay
PaChallengeMenuBtn.bflyt Challenge mode "+" menu button (Transparent?)
PaChallengeMenuBtn1UP.bflyt Challenge mode 1-Up Rally challenge button
PaChallengeMenuBtnAssist.bflyt Challenge mode Boost Mode Rally challenge button
PaChallengeMenuBtnCoin.bflyt Challenge mode Coin Collection challenge button
PaChallengeMenuBtnSpecial.bflyt Challenge mode Special challenge button
PaChallengeMenuBtnTime.bflyt Challenge mode Time Attack Rally challenge button
PaChallengeMovieBtn1UP.bflyt Challenge mode 1-Up Rally Replay button
PaChallengeMovieBtnAssist.bflyt Challenge mode Boost Mode Rally Replay button
PaChallengeMovieBtnCoin.bflyt Challenge mode Coin Collection Rally Replay button
PaChallengeMovieBtnSpecial.bflyt Challenge mode Special Rally Replay button
PaChallengeMovieBtnTime.bflyt Challenge mode Time Attack Rally Replay button
PaChallengeScrollBtn1UP.bflyt Challenge mode 1-Up Rally scrollbar
PaChallengeScrollBtnAssist.bflyt Challenge mode Boost Mode scrollbar
PaChallengeScrollBtnCoin.bflyt Challenge mode Coin Collection scrollbar
PaChallengeScrollBtnSpecial.bflyt Challenge mode Special scrollbar
PaChallengeScrollBtnTime.bflyt Challenge mode Time Attack scrollbar
PaChangePlayStyleBtn.bflyt "Switch to <controller>" button
PaChangePlayStyleBtnDL.bflyt NSLU "Switch to <controller>" button
PaCommonWindow.bflyt Generic blue pop-up window
PaCommonWindowGreen.bflyt Generic green pop-up window
PaCommonWindowRed.bflyt Generic red pop-up window
PaCommonWindowYellow.bflyt Generic yellow pop-up window
PaCourseClear.bflyt "Course Clear!" text overlay
PaCourseSelectBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Course Select panel (?)
PaDataSelectBtn.bflyt Story Mode Save File Select button
PaDataSelectDLBtn.bflyt NSLU Story Mode Save File Select button
PaDecideBtnB.bflyt Unknown button (?)
PaDecideBtnBM.bflyt Unknown dark styled button (?)
PaDecideBtnC.bflyt Unknown NSLU styled button (?)
PaDecideBtnCM.bflyt Unknown green styled button (?)
PaDecideBtnRB.bflyt Unknown NSLU styled button (?)
PaDecideBtnRM.bflyt Unknown red styled button (?)
PaDecideCircleBtn.bflyt Change controller scheme button
PaDecideCircleBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Change controller scheme button
PaDLBtn.bflyt "Play New Super Luigi U" button
PaE3CouseSelectBtn.bflyt E3 Course Select Acorn Plains 1-1 Button (Unused E3 leftover)
PaEditAreaBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Edit Mode "Change Areas" number button
PaEditCoinBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Edit Mode Coin Type & Counter buttons
PaEditGoalAreaBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Edit Mode "Change Areas" Goal Pole button
PaEditMenuBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Edit Mode Settings button
PaFreeMenuBtn.bflyt Boost Rush "+" menu button
PaIndexBase.bflyt Spiked black stripes on top and bottom of the screen
PaIndexBtn.bflyt Seemingly empty layout (?)
PaItemListBtn.bflyt Items inventory item icon
PaItemListBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Items inventory item icon
PaItemStockBtn.bflyt Items inventory item icon with "NEW"/"Confirm delete?" indicators
PaItemStockBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Items inventory item icon with "NEW"/"Confirm delete?" indicators
PaItsunomaniBtnBM.bflyt Large blue button (?)
PaLUBtn.bflyt World Map HUD button (?)
PaLUBtnDL.bflyt NSLU World Map HUD button (?)
PaMarioUBtn.bflyt NSLU "Play New Super Mario Bros. U" button
PaMenuBtn.bflyt World Map menu buttons
PaMenuBtnDL.bflyt NSLU World Map menu buttons
PaMiiSelectBtn.bflyt Character chooser Mii selector panel
PaModelPlayIndex.bflyt (?)
PaModelPlayIndexDL.bflyt NSLU (?)
PaModeSelectBtn.bflyt Challenges/Boost Rush/Coin Battle gamemode button
PaPlayerNumBtn.bflyt 2/3/4 Wiimotes Play Style button
PaPlayStyle1DBtn.bflyt "1 Player" Gamepad Play Style button
PaPlayStyle1R1DBtn.bflyt "1-2 Players" Wiimote + Gamepad Play Style button
PaPlayStyle1RBtn.bflyt "1-5 Players" Wiimote + Gamepad Play Style button
PaReturnBtn.bflyt Return to previous menu button
PaReturnTitle.bflyt Return to Title Screen button
PaRTBtn.bflyt World Map HUD button (?)
PaRTBtnDL.bflyt NSLU World Map HUD button (?)
PaRUBtn.bflyt World Map HUD button (?)
PaRUBtnDL.bflyt NSLU World Map HUD button (?)
PaShade.bflyt Seemingly empty "Shade" layout (?)
PaVSBtn.bflyt Coin Battle related orange button (?)
PaVSMenuBtn.bflyt Coin Battle related orange button (?)
PaVSRandomBtn.bflyt Coin Battle Random Battle "Start" button (?)
PaZoomBackBtn.bflyt Map View Zoom Out button
PaZoomBackBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Map View Zoom Out Button
PaZoomUpBtn.bflyt Map View Zoom In button
PaZoomUpBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Map View Zoom In button
PreGameChallenge.bflyt Challenge Mode level loading screen
PreGameEdit.bflyt Coin Battle Edit Mode level loading screen
PreGameFree.bflyt Boost Rush level loading screen
PreGameStoryH1.bflyt Airship level loading screen (5-Airship)
PreGameStoryH2.bflyt Stormy Airship level loading screen (7-Airship)
PreGameStoryO.bflyt Ghost House level loading screen
PreGameStoryTS.bflyt Tower & Castle level loading screen
PreGameStoryW1.bflyt Acorn Plains level loading screen
PreGameStoryW2.bflyt Layer-Cake Desert level loading screen
PreGameStoryW3.bflyt Sparkling Waters level loading screen
PreGameStoryW4.bflyt Frosted Glacier level loading screen
PreGameStoryW5.bflyt Soda Jungle level loading screen
PreGameStoryW6.bflyt Rock Candy Mines level loading screen
PreGameStoryW7.bflyt Meringue Clouds level loading screen
PreGameStoryW8.bflyt Peach's Castle (Lava) level loading screen
PreGameStoryW9.bflyt Superstar Road level loading screen
PreGameVS.bflyt Coin Battle level loading screen
Screen.bflyt Seemingly empty "Screen" layout (?)
SelectCursor.bflyt Menu button cursor
SelectCursorMini.bflyt Small menu button cursor
SetUpBtn.bflyt Choose controller scheme screen
SetUpBtnDL.bflyt NSLU Choose controller scheme screen
Skip.bflyt Skip cutscene button indicator overlay
TalkWindow.bflyt Text bubble overlays for Toad, signs and Superstar Road locked levels
TeamSelectGround.bflyt The 3D circular floor panels seen on the ChangeTeam.bflyt layout in VSMenu.szs
TheEnd.bflyt "THE END" screen (only shows up when defeating final bowser for the first time)
WipeCircle.bflyt Circle screen wipe effect
WipeKinoko.bflyt Mushroom icon screen wipe effect
WipeKuppa.bflyt Bowser face screen wipe effect
WipeMario.bflyt Mario head screen wipe effect
WipeWave.bflyt Waves screen wipe effect

Images[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named timg

Filename Additional Information

Animations[edit | edit source]

Files stored on Switch Toolbox's pseudo-folder named anim

Filename Additional Information