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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/layout/ChallengeImage.szs file in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This file contains the Challenge Mode level preview images.

Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Challenge Category Challenge Name Additional Information
ChallengeImage_083 Boost Mode ★★★★★ Ultimate Boost Blast
ChallengeImage_112 Coin Collection ★★★★ Attack of the Bob-ombs
ChallengeImage_084 Boost Mode ★★★★ Three-Legged Lava Race
ChallengeImage_085 Time Attack ★★ The Boo Ballet
ChallengeImage_114 Special ★★★ Spin Jump, Get Dizzy
ChallengeImage_086 Time Attack ★★ The Boo-Ballet Encore
ChallengeImage_115 1-Up Rally ★★ Penguin Bowling
ChallengeImage_087 Boost Mode ★★★★ Fuzzy Cliff Climb
ChallengeImage_116 Boost Mode ★★ The Perpetual Shell
ChallengeImage_088 1-Up Rally ★★★★ Big Goomba Bounce Bash
ChallengeImage_064 Special ★★★ Big Air at Sundown
ChallengeImage_040 Time Attack ★★★★ The Haunted Propeller
ChallengeImage_089 Time Attack ★★ Full Speed Ahead
ChallengeImage_118 Special ★★★ Balancing Act
ChallengeImage_041 Special ★★★ Nonstop Flight
ChallengeImage_119 1-Up Rally ★★ Goomba Bounce Bash
ChallengeImage_067 Special ★★★ No Climbing Allowed
ChallengeImage_068 Special ★★★★ Elevator Out of Service
ChallengeImage_044 1-Up Rally ★★★ Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce
ChallengeImage_020 Coin Collection ★★★ Waddlewing Wipeout
ChallengeImage_069 Special ★★★★★ Express Elevator
ChallengeImage_045 1-Up Rally ★★★★★ Airship 1-Up Rally
TestImage_00 N/A N/A An early screenshot of NSMBU that was likely used for testing challenge images
ChallengeImage_022 Coin Collection ★★★★★ Castle Coin Bypass
ChallengeImage_023 Coin Collection ★ Hot Hidden-Coin Hunt
ChallengeImage_048 1-Up Rally ★ Stone-Eye Koopas
ChallengeImage_024 Time Attack ★★★★ No-Cash Dash
ChallengeImage_000 N/A N/A Same as TestImage_00, but with the word "Sample" made out of bright triangles
ChallengeImage_049 1-Up Rally ★★★★ Star Connection
ChallengeImage_090 1-Up Rally ★★★★★ Paratroopa Panic
ChallengeImage_001 Time Attack ★ Acorn Plains Speed Run
ChallengeImage_026 Coin Collection ★★★ Prickly Goomba's Coinless Run
ChallengeImage_091 1-Up Rally ★ The Goombrat Stomp
ChallengeImage_002 N/A N/A Same as TestImage_00
ChallengeImage_027 N/A N/A Same as TestImage_00
ChallengeImage_003 Time Attack ★★ Stone-Eye Desert Dash
ChallengeImage_028 Coin Collection ★★ Ghost House Coin Curse
ChallengeImage_093 Time Attack ★★★ Penguin vs. Torpedo
ChallengeImage_004 Time Attack ★★★★★ Stoneslide Tower Climb
ChallengeImage_122 1-Up Rally ★★★ Three Dry Bones
ChallengeImage_005 Time Attack ★★★ Huckit Hustle
ChallengeImage_123 Time Attack ★★★ Mini Mountaineer
ChallengeImage_070 Special ★★★★ Mole to Goal Returns
ChallengeImage_095 Special ★★★ Bubble Up
ChallengeImage_006 Time Attack ★★★ Lurchin' Urchins
ChallengeImage_124 Time Attack ★ Time Attack Trial
ChallengeImage_071 Special ★★★★ Seriously! Fire, Bro!
ChallengeImage_100 Special ★★★★ Castle Crawl
ChallengeImage_101 Special ★★★★★ Cashless Castle Crawl
ChallengeImage_097 Coin Collection ★★★ Dark Dark Coaster
ChallengeImage_008 Time Attack ★★ Icicle Skating
ChallengeImage_126 Special ★★★★ Wobble and Rock
ChallengeImage_073 Boost Mode ★ Piranha Plant Hideaway
ChallengeImage_102 Coin Collection ★★ Hot-Air Yoshi Ride
ChallengeImage_098 Special ★★★ Bowser's Airship Sneak
ChallengeImage_009 Time Attack ★★★ Slick Slopes and Bullet Bills
ChallengeImage_074 Boost Mode ★★★ Boost Block Coin Stalk
ChallengeImage_128 Special ★ Graceful Glide
ChallengeImage_075 Boost Mode ★★★ The High Road
ChallengeImage_104 Time Attack ★★★★ Rickety Sprint
ChallengeImage_129 Special ★ Fire, Bro!
ChallengeImage_078 Boost Mode ★★★ Fuzzy Alert!
ChallengeImage_107 Time Attack ★★★★★ Swing into Action
ChallengeImage_079 Boost Mode ★★★★★ Thwomp Castle Cash Flow
ChallengeImage_031 Coin Collection ★★★ Cloud-Top Coin Evasion
ChallengeImage_109 Special ★★★ The Trial of Bullet Bill Hill
ChallengeImage_032 Coin Collection ★★★ Perilous Coin Dodge
ChallengeImage_057 Special ★★★ Larry's Groundless Battle
ChallengeImage_033 Coin Collection ★★★★ Spine Coaster Coin Cruise
ChallengeImage_058 Special ★★★ Be Gentle to Giants
ChallengeImage_034 Coin Collection ★★★★★ Don't. Touch. Anything.
ChallengeImage_059 Special ★★ Marathon Glide
ChallengeImage_035 Coin Collection ★ Triple-Jump for Coins
ChallengeImage_011 Time Attack ★★★★ Fliprus Crossing
ChallengeImage_012 Time Attack ★★★★★ Poison-Swamp Scramble
ChallengeImage_130 Special ★★ Mole to Goal
ChallengeImage_037 Coin Collection ★★★ 200 Clifftop Coins
ChallengeImage_131 Boost Mode ★ Coins in the Forecast
ChallengeImage_132 Coin Collection ★ Stingy Big Piranha Plants
ChallengeImage_039 Coin Collection ★★ Lakitu's Cloud Heist
ChallengeImage_080 Boost Mode ★★★★ Cloudy with a Chance of Fire
ChallengeImage_081 Boost Mode ★★★ Icicle Falls
ChallengeImage_082 Boost Mode ★★ When Waddlewings Attack
ChallengeImage_018 Time Attack ★★★★★ Screwtop It Up