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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/course_select folder in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This folder contains all the files used for World Maps.

Folders[edit | edit source]


Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Filesize Additional Information
CS_W1.szs 6656908 bytes Acorn Plains
CS_W2a.szs 6383490 bytes Layer-Cake Desert
CS_W3.szs 6651896 bytes Sparkling Waters
CS_W4.szs 7639157 bytes Frosted Glacier
CS_W5a.szs 9228334 bytes Soda Jungle
CS_W5b.szs 8001643 bytes Soda Jungle (Haunted)
CS_W6a.szs 5550379 bytes Rock-Candy Mines
CS_W7.szs 4599081 bytes Meringue Clouds
CS_W8a.szs 7848316 bytes Peach's Castle (Outside)
CS_W8b.szs 5444885 bytes Peach's Castle (Inside)
CS_W9a.szs 1451824 bytes Superstar Road (Outside)
CS_W9b.szs 2673454 bytes Superstar Road (Inside)
CS_WorldMap.szs 426676 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW1.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW2.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW3.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW4.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW5.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW6.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW7.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW8.bin 744 bytes ?
LookOffsetDataW9.bin 744 bytes ?
MarioOffsetDataW1.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Acorn Plains)
MarioOffsetDataW2.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Layer-Cake Desert)
MarioOffsetDataW3.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Sparkling Waters)
MarioOffsetDataW4.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Frosted Glacier)
MarioOffsetDataW5.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Soda Jungle)
MarioOffsetDataW6.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Rock-Candy Mines)
MarioOffsetDataW7.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Meringue Clouds)
MarioOffsetDataW8.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Peach's Castle)
MarioOffsetDataW9.bin 5376 bytes camera file (Superstar Road)