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This page documents the contents of the ./content/Common/course_res_pack folder in the New Super Mario Bros. U filesystem. This folder contains all of the levels that the game uses, including all special ones such as the Title Screen and the Credits.

Folders[edit | edit source]


Files[edit | edit source]

Filename Level Identifier Level Name Additional Information Challenge Mode Boost Rush
1-1.szs 1-1 Acorn Plains Way ⏰ Acorn Plains Speedrun 🟡 Waddlewing Wipeout Easy Pack (Course 1)
1-2.szs 1-2 Tilted Tunnel Has Secret Exit
1-3.szs 1-3 Yoshi Hill Yoshi Pack (Course 2)
1-4.szs 1-4 Mushroom Heights Acrobat Pack (Course 1)
1-5.szs 1-5 Rise of the Piranha Plants 🟡 Stingy Big Piranha Plants
1-13.szs 1-Blooper Blooper's Secret Lair Secret Level
1-21.szs 1-Tower Crushing-Cogs Tower
1-23.szs 1-Castle Lemmy's Swingback Castle 🟡 Castle Coin Bypass Flying Squirrel Pack (Course 2)
1-25.szs N/A N/A World 1 Toad House
1-26.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-27.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-28.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-29.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-30.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-31.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-32.szs N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-33.szs N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-34.szs N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush
1-39.szs N/A N/A Title Screen
1-41.szs N/A N/A Credits
1-46.szs N/A N/A Boost Rush Results
1-47.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-48.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-49.szs N/A N/A World ? Toad House
1-55.szs N/A N/A Piranha Plant Ambush (Unused?)
1-58.szs N/A N/A Secret Island Mushroom House
2-1.szs 2-1 Stone-Eye Zone ⏰ Stone-Eye Desert Dash 🟡 Hot Hidden-Coin Hunt Easy Pack (Course 2)
2-2.szs 2-2 Perilous Pokey Cave
2-3.szs 2-3 Fire Snake Cavers
2-4.szs 2-4 Spike's Spouting Sands Has Secret Exit ⏰ No Cash Dash
2-5.szs 2-5 Dry Desert Mushrooms Acrobat Pack (Course 2)
2-6.szs 2-6 Blooming Lakitus
2-14.szs 2-Ice Piranha Plants on Ice Secret Level
2-21.szs 2-Tower Stoneslide Tower ⏰ Stoneslide Tower Climb
2-23.szs 2-Castle Morton's Compactor Castle
2-32.szs N/A N/A Goomba Ambush
2-33.szs N/A N/A Goomba Ambush
2-55.szs N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-56.szs N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
2-57.szs N/A N/A Fire Bro Ambush
3-1.szs 3-1 Waterspout Beach ⏰ Huckit Hustle
3-2.szs 3-2 Tropical Refresher
3-3.szs 3-3 Above the Cheep Cheep Seas
3-4.szs 3-4 Urchin Shoals ⏰ Lurchin' Urchins
3-5.szs 3-5 Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto
3-15.szs 3-Beanstalk Skyward Stalk Secret Level ♠️ Boost Block Coin Stalk
3-20.szs 3-Ghost House Haunted Shipwreck Has Secret Exit
3-21.szs 3-Tower Giant Skewer Tower
3-23.szs 3-Castle Larry's Torpedo Castle ⏰ Penguin vs. Torpedo⭐ Larry's Groundless Battle
3-25.szs N/A N/A 1-Up Blast Toad House
3-32.szs N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-33.szs N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-34.szs N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush
3-55.szs N/A N/A Porcupuffer Ambush (Unused?)
4-1.szs 4-1 Spinning-star Sky Flying Squirrel Pack (Course 1)
4-2.szs 4-2 Cooligan Fields Penguin Pack (Course 2)
4-3.szs 4-3 Prickly Goombas! 🟡 Prickly Goomba's Coinless Run
4-4.szs 4-4 Scaling the Mountainside ⏰ Slick Slopes and Bullet Bills
4-5.szs 4-5 Icicle Caverns ⏰ Icicle Skating
4-16.szs 4-Fliprus Fliprus Lake Secret Level ⏰ Fliprus Crossing Penguin Pack (Course 1)
4-20.szs 4-Ghost House Swaying Ghost House Has Secret Exit 🟡 Ghost House Coin Curse
4-21.szs 4-Tower Freezing-Rain Tower
4-23.szs 4-Castle Wendy's Shifting Castle Acrobat Pack (Course 3)
4-25.szs N/A N/A Unused Toad House Type
4-32.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-33.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-34.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush
4-55.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-56.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
4-57.szs N/A N/A Cooligan Ambush (Unused?)
5-1.szs 5-1 Jungle of the Giants ⭐Marathon Glide⭐ Be Gentle to Giants
5-2.szs 5-2 Bridge over Poisoned Waters Has Secret Exit ⏰ Poison-Swamp Scramble
5-3.szs 5-3 Bramball Woods
5-4.szs 5-4 Painted Swampland Has Secret Exit Expert Pack (Course 1)
5-5.szs 5-5 Deepsea Ruins Has Secret Exit
5-6.szs 5-6 Seesaw Bridge
5-7.szs 5-7 Wiggler Stampede
5-17.szs 5-Parabeetle Flight of the Para-Beetles Secret Level
5-20.szs 5-Ghost House Which-Way Labyrinth
5-21.szs 5-Tower Snake Block Tower
5-23.szs 5-Castle Iggy's Volcanic Castle Expert Pack (Course 3)
5-32.szs N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-33.szs N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-34.szs N/A N/A Boo Ambush
5-37.szs 5-Airship The Mighty Cannonship 🍄 Airship 1-Up Rally⭐ Bowser's Airship Sneak
5-55.szs N/A N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
5-56.szs N/A N/A Boo Ambush (Unused?)
6-1.szs 6-1 Fuzzy Clifftop Yoshi Pack (Course 1)
6-2.szs 6-2 Porcupuffer Falls
6-3.szs 6-3 Waddlewing's Nest
6-4.szs 6-4 Light Blocks, Dark Tower
6-5.szs 6-5 Walking Piranha Plants! Has Secret Exit ⏰ Swing into Action
6-6.szs 6-6 Thrilling Spine Coaster 🟡 Dark Dark Coaster
6-7.szs 6-7 Shifting-Floor Cave ♠️ The High Road
6-21.szs 6-Tower Grinding-Stone Tower Has Secret Exit
6-22.szs 6-Tower 2 Screwtop Tower ⏰ Screwtop It Up
6-23.szs 6-Castle Roy's Conveyor Castle Has Backdoor Entrance
7-1.szs 7-1 Land of Flying Blocks 🟡 Cloud-Top Coin Evasion
7-2.szs 7-2 Seesaw Shrooms ⏰ Rickety Sprint
7-3.szs 7-3 Switchback Hill 🟡 Perilous Coin Dodge
7-4.szs 7-4 Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs
7-5.szs 7-5 A Quick Dip in the Sky
7-6.szs 7-6 Snaking above Mist Valley ⭐Big Air at Sundown
7-20.szs 7-Ghost House Spinning Spirit House Has Secret Exit
7-21.szs 7-Tower Slide Lift Tower
7-23.szs 7-Castle Ludwig's Clockwork Castle
7-32.szs N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-33.szs N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-34.szs N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush
7-37.szs 7-Airship Boarding the Airship
7-55.szs N/A N/A Fuzzy Ambush (Unused?)
8-1.szs 8-1 Meteor Moat Has Secret Exit Expert Pack (Course 2)
8-2.szs 8-2 Magma-River Cruise
8-3.szs 8-3 Rising Tides of Lava
8-4.szs 8-4 Firefall Cliffs Secret Level ⭐No Climbing Allowed
8-42.szs 8-Final Castle Red-Hot Elevator Ride ⭐Elevator Out of Service⭐ Express Elevator
8-43.szs 8-Final Castle 2 The Final Battle
9-1.szs 9-1 Spine-Tingling Spine Coaster 🟡 Spine Coaster Coin Cruise
9-2.szs 9-2 Run for It
9-3.szs 9-3 Swim for Your Life!
9-4.szs 9-4 Hammerswing Caverns Superstar Pack (Course 1)
9-5.szs 9-5 Spinning Platforms of Doom
9-6.szs 9-6 Fire Bar Cliffs
9-7.szs 9-7 Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu! 🟡 Don't. Touch. Anything. Superstar Pack (Course 2)
9-8.szs 9-8 Pendulum Castle ⭐Castle Crawl⭐ Cashless Castle Crawl
9-9.szs 9-9 Follow That Shell! Unlocked after getting every Star Coin
11-1.szs Coin-1 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-2.szs Coin-2 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-3.szs Coin-3 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-4.szs Coin-4 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-5.szs Coin-5 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-6.szs Coin-6 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-7.szs Coin-7 N/A Coin Battle Level
11-8.szs Coin-8 N/A Coin Battle Level
12-1.szs N/A The Boo Ballet Time Attack Challenge
12-2.szs N/A Full Speed Ahead Time Attack Challenge
12-3.szs N/A Mini Mountaineer Time Attack Challenge
12-4.szs N/A Time Attack Trial Time Attack Challenge
13-1.szs N/A Triple Jump for Coins Coin Collection Challenge
13-2.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 1)
13-3.szs N/A 200 Clifftop Coins Coin Collection Challenge
13-4.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 2)
13-5.szs N/A Lakitu's Cloud Heist Coin Collection Challenge
13-6.szs N/A The Haunted Propeller Time Attack Challenge
13-7.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 3)
13-8.szs N/A Hot-Air Yoshi Ride Coin Collection Challenge
14-1.szs N/A Stone-Eye Koopas 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-2.szs N/A Star Connection 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-4.szs N/A Paratroopa Panic 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-5.szs N/A The Goombrat Stomp 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-6.szs N/A Penguin Bowling 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-7.szs N/A Goomba Bounce Bash 1-Up Rally Challenge
14-8.szs N/A Three Dry Bones 1-Up Rally Challenge
15-1.szs N/A Mole to Goal Returns Special Challenge
15-2.szs N/A Seriously! Fire, Bro! Special Challenge
15-3.szs N/A Spin Jump, Get Dizzy Special Challenge
15-4.szs N/A Balancing Act Special Challenge
15-5.szs N/A Wobble and Rock Special Challenge
15-6.szs N/A Attack of the Bob-Ombs Coin Collection Challenge
15-7.szs N/A Bubble Up Special Challenge
16-1.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 4)
16-2.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 5)
16-3.szs N/A Fuzzy Alert! Boost Mode Challenge
16-4.szs N/A Thwomp Castle Cash Flow Boost Mode Challenge
16-5.szs N/A Cloudy with a Chance of Fire Boost Mode Challenge
16-6.szs N/A Icicle Falls Boost Mode Challenge
16-7.szs N/A When Waddlewings Attack Boost Mode Challenge
16-8.szs N/A Ultimate Boost Blast Boost Mode Challenge
17-1.szs N/A Three-Legged Lava Race Boost Mode Challenge
17-2.szs N/A Fuzzy Cliff Climb Boost Mode Challenge
17-3.szs N/A The Perpetual Shell Boost Mode Challenge
17-4.szs N/A The Trial of Bullet Bill Hill Special Challenge
17-5.szs N/A Big Goomba Bounce Bash 1-Up Rally Challenge
17-6.szs N/A Marathon Glide Special Challenge
18-1.szs N/A N/A (Unused Level 6)
18-2.szs N/A Bullet Bill 1-Up Bounce 1-Up Rally Challenge
18-3.szs N/A Nonstop Flight Special Challenge
18-4.szs N/A Graceful Glide Special Challenge
18-5.szs N/A Fire, Bro! Special Challenge
18-6.szs N/A Mole to Goal Special Challenge
18-7.szs N/A Coins in the Forecast Boost Mode Challenge
18-8.szs N/A Piranha Plant Hideaway Boost Mode Challenge

Level Names[edit | edit source]

XX-21 Tower

XX-22 Tower 2

XX-23 Castle

XX-24 Castle 2 ?

XX-20 Ghost House

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • World 6, Rock Candy Mines, is the only world with 2 Towers, and the second one having an original boss, Boss Sumo Bro.
  • World 5, Soda Jungle, is the world with the most amount of levels, which is 10.