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This page documents the ./code/red-pro2.rpx file in the NSMBU filesystem. This file is from the 1.3 Update[1], however it has a 1.0 Update version which is overwritten by this one when the update is applied.


This file contains all of the game's compiled code for the Wii U.


Binary ELF file of Nintendo's custom type for the Wii U: RPL. An RPX is simply an executable RPL.

In addition to the game's code, the RPL format also attaches some Wii U specific metadata to the ELF file under the special RPL_CRCS and RPL_FILEINFO sections.


The tools below are capable of interacting with this file:

  1. This update adds the NSLU files into the game, making the filesystem nearly identical to the one from the NSMBU+NSLU pack.