Setting up NSMBU-Haxx

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This tutorial explains how to set up NSMBU-Haxx and CafeLoader Project Compiler for CEMU.

IMPORTANT: You need the Version 1.3 of NSMBU to do anything here, custom code is NOT compatible with Version 1.0 of NSMBU. (To check your version, look for the text "Ver. 1.3.0" on your titlescreen)

Method 1: Self-Compilation

This method is the harder of the two, but will allow you to create and inject your own custom code into the game, along with being able to modify the base NSMBU-Haxx code.



  1. Create a new directory to store all your project files in, to keep things organized. Take note of the path this directory is in. From now on, the path to this directory will be labeled "./ProjectDir".
  2. In the terminal, type the following commands:
    py -3 -m pip install PyYAML
    py -3 -m pip install pyelftools
  3. Download and extract wiiurpxtool and place it in the root of ./ProjectDir
  4. Install MULTI GreenHills Software to ./ProjectDir/ghs (Create this directory if it does not exist)
  5. Download and extract CafeLoader Project Compiler (Please make sure to download the CEMU branch of CafeLoader Project Compiler) place the files in ./ProjectDir
  6. Download and extract NSMBU-Haxx and place the files in ./ProjectDir (Skip if any duplicate files exist)
  7. Open with a text editor of your choice.
  8. Set the paths for ghs and wiiurpxtool to ./ProjectDir/ghs/5_3_27 and ./ProjectDir/wiiurpxtool.exe respectively.
  9. You will need to somehow obtain a digital license for MULTI in order for it to work (You are on your own for this step, but we can tell you filling out the license form it gives you will NOT get you a license and nor will sending an email to Nintendo, please do not try either of those things)
  10. Create a copy of red-pro2.rpx (located in ./code/ of your NSMBU rom) and name it vanilla.rpx
  11. Open compile##LatestCemu.bat (where ## is your game's region) with a text editor of your choice, and set the path for your vanilla.rpx. Alternatively, use the template below for a much easier build system that automatically renames your modded rpx for you and launches the game.
    del /f /q "Path:\to-your-game\code\red-pro2.rpx"
    python files NSMBU_##_Latest_Cemu "Path:/to-your-game/code/vanilla.rpx"
    rename "Path:\to-your-game\code\vanilla_2.rpx" red-pro2.rpx
    "Path:\to-cemu-emulator\Cemu.exe" -g "Path:\to-your-game\code\red-pro2.rpx"
  12. Run compile##LatestCemu.bat to compile hacks. Run red-pro2.rpx to run with hacks, and vanilla.rpx to run without hacks.

Method 2: xDelta Patching


  • xDeltaUI


  1. Locate the xDelta patch for your specific region in the /build/ directory of NSMBU-Haxx
  2. ...